A simple testing tool to debug your APIs


Test SOAP and REST services

Just import a WSDL or an OpenAPI file into the app and Boomerang will generate requests for you.

Don't repeat yourself

Use environments to define commonly used data such as headers which will be automatically assigned to all requests.

Request chaining

Use folders to organize your requests in sequence and execute it in that order. Leverage environment variables and output variables to dynamically transform your request payload.

Many more features

Quick Open

Use Quick Open window to quickly switch between different requests

Output Variables

Create dynamic variables in one request that can be used in subsequent requests

Request History

History of sent requests available right under the same request

Validate Responses

Define assertions to test the behavior of your APIs. Use JSON path to extract values.

You're in great company

More than 80,000 users are using Boomerang

This was the SoapUI replacement I was looking for. It's much faster, leaner, and easier to use.

A life saver and (fairly!) easy to use. Time and again I was able to pass the ball back to the webservice developers I was working with to demonstrate where the problem was with full examples.

This program has been one of the most used tools in my web api kit. I have had no issues with it for what I am doing and it has helped me diagnose issues that otherwise would have been hard to find.